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Community Service Learning 


The Greene County Tech School District secured approval by the Arkansas Department of Education to offer a Community Service Learning Program for Students who meet certain guidelines to receive credit for Community Service Learning Activities (CSL).  Community Service Learning (CSL) is an approach to teaching and learning in which students use academic knowledge and skills to address genuine community needs. To view the Greene County Tech Community Services (CSL) state approved plan please click the link provided below.  Community Service Learning is an optional course for students to receive one credit and is not required for graduation.


Community Service is more than just volunteering. Act 648 of 1993 was written to develop a spirit of civic engagement and volunteerism. It allows students in grades nine (9) through twelve (12) who have completed 75 hours of Community Service Learning (CSL) to earn one (1) academic career focus credit toward graduation with appropriate documentation.  The course code to be used will be 496010.  This is a credit, not a graded course, and the course WILL NOT be calculated in the students GPA or used for Class Rank in the Total Points System.  No ½ units of career focus academic credit will be award for CSL, as only one (1) full credit will be awarded for students documenting 75 hours of approved CSL service. The GCT School District may certify CSL projects if staff personnel is in attendance while students are completing the CSL activity. If the school does not provide a staff person to be in attendance, then the CSL sponsoring organization must be approved by the State Board of Education and local school board to certify and verify hours for CSL credit.  The CSL activities do not have to be in one organization or served consecutively, as a total of 75 service hours that are verified between the 9th and 12th grade will be accepted.


State Board and GCT School Board Approved Community Service Learning Organizations, Agencies, or Sites are listed below on a dedicated link.


If an organization, agency, or site would like to be considered to participate and host students in Community Services Learning Activities, then they should fill out the following request and submit to the GCT Central Office for Board Approval at:

GCT Central Office

Community Service Learning Agency Application

5413 West Kingshighway

Paragould, AR  72450

Phone: 870-236-2762

Fax 870-236-7333


Community Service Learning (CSL) includes the fundamental skills essential for success in employment, college, family, and community life.  The CSL standards are listed below with a link to the document.  The CSL standards will be most meaningful when demonstrated through integrated, interdisciplinary approaches and hands-on activities such as accomplish a task or discovering a solution to a problem in the classroom or career-related experiences.


Students who wish to participate in the CSL program will fill out a Community Services Learning (CSL) Planning form with the link listed below.  The student, parent, CSL Coordinator, and partnering agency must agree for the student to participate in the CSL Learning. CSL student Planning forms may be returned to the

GCT CSL Coordinator, Ray Stricker (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

GCT High School

4601 Linwood Drive

Paragould, AR 72450

Phone 870-215-4460

Please no faxed forms


When a student is placed with an organization, agency, or site to participate in CSL activities, a Community Service Letter of agreement must be signed by the student, parent/guardian, local school and the volunteer site.  See the link below for a copy of the CSL Service Letter Agreement.


Once placed in a Community Learning Service organization, agency, or site, each student will fill out a Student Volunteer Informational sheet that will be on file in the CSL Coordinator’s office and will be sent to the partner organization, agency, site, or certified faculty member who is supervising the volunteer activity.  See a copy of the Volunteer Student Informational form below.

Students who participate in Community Service Learning (CSL) will be required to document time on the CSL Time Log Sheet that will require signatures and contact information along with a description of the activity or task performed. See link below for a copy of the form.  Students must document a total of 75 hours between the 9th and 12th grades in order to receive the one (1) academic career focus credit toward graduation.


Students who participate in Community Service Learning (CSL) will be required to turn in a Reflection form for each service learning activity that they participate in.  Students will complete a set of six (6) reflective and thought evoking questions and will then be expected to formulate a written summary of their CSL experience.  See the attached link for the CSL Student Reflection Form.


Careful evaluation of the continuing success of the Community Service Learning (CSL) program is a goal of the Greene County Tech School District.  There is an evaluation form for students to fill out at the end of a CSL volunteer activity and there is also a form for the approved organization, agency, site, and faculty member to fill out on the CSL experience with students.  A copy of the Student CSL Evaluation form and the Community, Agency, Site, Faculty Member Evaluation form is listed below.  The goal of continuous improvement will foster the continued success of the Community Service Learning (CSL) program in the Greene County Tech School District.





Web Links to documents:


Approved State Plan of the Greene County Tech School District’s Community Service Learning Plan (CSLP)


Approved Community Service Learning (CSL) Organizations/Sites, Agencies List by ADE and GCT School Board


Community Service Learning Partner Application For Local and State Board of Education Submission


Community Service Learning (CSL) Standards for Greene County Tech


Community Service Learning (CSL) Student Planning Form


Community Service Learning (CSL) Letter of Agreement


Community Service Learning (CSL) Student Volunteer Informational Form


Community Service Learning (CSL) Student Time Log


Community Service Learning (CSL) Student Reflection Form


Community Service Learning Student Evaluation Form of the CSL Volunteer Activity


Community Service Learning Community Organization/Agency/Site/Faculty Evaluation Form


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