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“Investing in the Future... One Student at a Time.”

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- Greene County Tech High School


The Eagle Scholar Citizen Program promotes the well-rounded student by encouraging not only academic excellence but also good citizenship and participation in extracurricular activities. To qualify for eagle scholar citizen a student must meet certain standards.

The student must maintain a grade of 80% or above in each of the subjects in which he or she is enrolled. Those students enrolled in AP courses receive an extra 10 points to their grade in those classes. These extra points are for Eagle Scholar selection only and are not used for their actual grade point averages.

The student must also be a member of at least two campus clubs or organizations.

The lists of Eagle Scholar Citizens are posted each nine weeks. Eagle Scholar Citizens also receive either a Gold Card for having all A’s or a Green Card for having all A’s and B’s. These cards entitle the student to various campus privileges and discounts at certain businesses in town.

If the student returns his or her application and maintains these requirements for the first three nines weeks of the school year, that student is then honored at an assembly at the end of the year. The student receives a certificate of recognition, a trophy, and another off-campus lunch after the assembly.

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