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- Greene County Tech Junior High

A student shall successfully complete a minimum of 22 units of credits in a program that is cooperatively planned by the student, parents, and the school to meet the needs of the student.  Accumulation of credits will begin with the ninth grade year.

English 4 units 
Math 4 units (Pre-AP Algebra I in 8th grade will count)
Science 3 units including 1 unit in Biology and 1 unit in Physical Science
Social Studies 3 units including 1 unit in U.S. History, 1 of World History, & 1 of Civics/American Government
Fitness for Life 
(Phys Ed)
1/2 unit (1 semester)
Health 1/2 unit (1 semester)
Fine Arts 1/2 unit (1 semester)
Oral Communication 1/2 unit (1 semester)
Personal Finance 1/2 unit (1 semester) - Online Class
Electives 5 1/2 units
  Total 22 units

*Only 2 units of band and/or 2 units of choir may be counted in the 22 units required for graduation.

Honor Graduate Requirements

It is required that honor students at Greene County Tech High School perform at a high academic level.  As part of the common core requirements, honor students must have completed the following courses:

English  4 units
Science 4 units chosen from Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics
Mathematics 4 units including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and Advanced Math or Calculus
Social Studies 4 units including Civics, U.S. History, and World History
Foreign Language 2 units of the same foreign language

Additionally, all honor graduates must complete at least two Advanced Placement courses in two separate subject areas (i.e. mathematics, science, history, English.)

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